Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lego Contest Entry's!!

Hello everyone,
Our friend Melody decided to host a Lego contest this month!
For the contest we were supposed to build a scene  either from a book or a movie!
Here our our entry's! hope you enjoy.
And if you can, head on over to Mel's site and enter!!! 

Gabby's Entry:

Gabby chose to do a scene from one of her Favorite books: 
"Jill's Red Bag"

 Gracia's Entry:

Gracia did the ballroom dancing scene from the Book and movie:

 Frankie's Entry:

And last but not least Frankie's Lego master piece is from   the book:
"The Giant Killer"

Hope you all enjoyed!

Until next time...


Friday, August 10, 2012

Lego Contest Finale!

...The moment you all have been waiting for!
It's Time for the announcement of the winner!

But before we do that, we'd like to show the work of our wonderful contestants! 

James:We all thought James' was vary creative especially the
the man in the background! :) 
This is a scene from prince "Caspian" 
John Davids: "Paul reveres midnight ride"
Great Imagination!

Lauren's & Caleb's: This one we all agreed was very funny!!
(love the blindfold)
This is a scene from "Princess Bride"
Williams: We all liked the little Guy in water!!!
Lots of little details :)
this is a California "Gold Rush”
Melody's: "Feast your eyes!" Love  the little Indian men with they're green hats!
And popsicles and pizza give it a fun twist!

Morgans: Brilliance! We loved all the little inventions in the background!
This is: "The Invention of the Light Bulb!"

We enjoyed every entrie, and you ALL did an amazing job!

And now the REAL moment you've all been waiting for....

Drum roll Please...


Melody and Morgan!!!

We just couldn't  pick a Favorite, "They were both worth a Prize!" ~Judge daddy


~Jeremiah, Gabby, Gracia and Frankie

Lego Contest TODAY!

Hello every one
Judging will begin this evening, so if you have an entrie please get it in by 6:oop.m.
The Winner will be announced this evening, or tomorrow morning
Looking forward to it!
Jeremiah Gabby Gracia And Frankie