Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fall Craft!

Hello Everyone,
We came across these yarn apples when looking for fall crafts and thought they were SO cute!
So I decide to make some for myself.
This is a fun Craft you can make with your siblings...Try them out!

Supplies for Yarn Apples:
  • craft yarn – red, green, or yellow (the cheap yarn will do, $2 a skein)
  • pipe cleaners (or chenille stems) – brown and green
  • piece of cardboard – 2 in x 5 in
bend my piece of cardboard in half a bit.
Take your yarn color of choice and start wrapping it around your cardboard. The more you wrap, the thicker and tighter the apple looks. When you’re done winding, then just cut your string off, letting it hang in place. It will get tucked away later.
Cut your brown piece of pipe cleaner in half and slip one through your winded up yarn.
Then twist up the end together, forming a stem for the top of the apple.
You now put the other cut half brown pipe cleaner through again and twist it up on the opposite end of the yarn, creating the round apple and looking like the little bottom end of an apple. Twist it up a ways, then cut off the pipe cleaner with scissors fairly close to the yarn and bend that end of wire in.

 add a little leaf to the apple. With a 2 inch piece of green pipe cleaner!

How To Apple Yarn Craft

Apple Craft for Kids

Photos From:http://www.makeandtakes.com/little-apple-yarn-favors

Heres the Apples I made!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bake...bake and BAKE

Hello everyone,
As you all know october is here which means Autumn is here
which means pumpkins are here which means pumpkin pie is here
 which means....ah...you get the point :) 
This Week Is baking Week For our Blog Party!
so I made a little comic to get you all into your "Baking mode" :)

 Thanks for stopping by!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

An Award!

Hi everyone,
Mariah awarded me with this Blog Award!!!
Thanks Mim! :)

1.) list 11 things about yourself.

2) Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award.
3) Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
4) Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
5) Absolutely NO tag backs.
6) Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers

Here are the Eleven Facts about me:

1)I have curly hair 
2) I'm 12 but I look 8
3) I'm short (as you can see above)
4) I love to sketch
5) I want to illustrate a book one day
7) I love making little things for my doll house.
8)I have spent the night in a Cave 3 times.
9) My favorite Ice Cream is Sorbet.
10) I have diagnosed my self with OCD :) hehehe
11) I rarely Laugh out Loud... 

Which character in a book or movie  best describes who you are?

Lucy From the peanuts Comics! :)

If you could cook for me what would it be?
Macaroni and cheese from the Box. Its the easiest :D

If you won a gift card to any store of your choosing, what store would it be? 

Whats one of your favorite memories?

Going to Lego land!

If you were stranded on an island who in your family would you want with you?
Jeremiah :)

What was One of your favorite TV shows as a child?
"Telly tubbys"

If tomorrow someone gave you $100 how would you spend it?
I would save it up until I had enough for a kindle.

If you could have Any pet what would it be?
Love Bird.

If you could be any animal for one day, which would you choose?
probably a bird because you could fly and that would be pretty cool!

What is your favorite candy?
Sour patch kids, and Smartys!

Which would you rather find in your Bedroom:

A Spider or Cockroach?

Probably a Spider because it would most likely be a "Daddy long legs" :)

My Nominees:




And Now for the 11 Questions for those I nominate:

1.Out of all the Dolls/baby dolls that you've owned, which was/is your Favorite?

2.If you HAD to live anywhere for the rest of your Life where would you go?

3.If you could only keep one of your outfits, and had to get rid of the rest...which would you keep?

4.Out of all the Party's YOU've  had which one was your Favorite?

5. What was your Favorite Age?

6. What is your Favorite Book?

7. Have you ever won any kind of Contest? if so what was it?

8. If Cars did not exist which would you choose: Horse or bicycle? 

9. If you had to give up one modern-day convenience what would it be?

10. What was the Best present you ever got? 

11. How many Pets have you owned in your entire Life time?

Looking forward to your Answers!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lego Contest Entry's!!

Hello everyone,
Our friend Melody decided to host a Lego contest this month!
For the contest we were supposed to build a scene  either from a book or a movie!
Here our our entry's! hope you enjoy.
And if you can, head on over to Mel's site and enter!!! 

Gabby's Entry:

Gabby chose to do a scene from one of her Favorite books: 
"Jill's Red Bag"

 Gracia's Entry:

Gracia did the ballroom dancing scene from the Book and movie:

 Frankie's Entry:

And last but not least Frankie's Lego master piece is from   the book:
"The Giant Killer"

Hope you all enjoyed!

Until next time...


Friday, August 10, 2012

Lego Contest Finale!

...The moment you all have been waiting for!
It's Time for the announcement of the winner!

But before we do that, we'd like to show the work of our wonderful contestants! 

James:We all thought James' was vary creative especially the
the man in the background! :) 
This is a scene from prince "Caspian" 
John Davids: "Paul reveres midnight ride"
Great Imagination!

Lauren's & Caleb's: This one we all agreed was very funny!!
(love the blindfold)
This is a scene from "Princess Bride"
Williams: We all liked the little Guy in water!!!
Lots of little details :)
this is a California "Gold Rush”
Melody's: "Feast your eyes!" Love  the little Indian men with they're green hats!
And popsicles and pizza give it a fun twist!

Morgans: Brilliance! We loved all the little inventions in the background!
This is: "The Invention of the Light Bulb!"

We enjoyed every entrie, and you ALL did an amazing job!

And now the REAL moment you've all been waiting for....

Drum roll Please...


Melody and Morgan!!!

We just couldn't  pick a Favorite, "They were both worth a Prize!" ~Judge daddy


~Jeremiah, Gabby, Gracia and Frankie

Lego Contest TODAY!

Hello every one
Judging will begin this evening, so if you have an entrie please get it in by 6:oop.m.
The Winner will be announced this evening, or tomorrow morning
Looking forward to it!
Jeremiah Gabby Gracia And Frankie

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lego Contest Deadline!!!

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to let everyone know,Our  Lego Contest Deadline is.....
August 10th!!!
Looking for to seeing all the Entries!

Gabby,Gracia, Frankie, and Jay

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Geese

Hello all,
we recently got 2 Geese to protect our chickens.
a boy & girl!!
  we wanted to share a few pictures of them

Ozzie & Harriet:)  
They like to nibble on Gabby's shoe!



captions by Gracia

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lego Contest

Hello everyone 
we are having  a Lego contest 
to participate build something from a movie or past history 
post your picture on your blog 
and tell us that you entered through a comment
the winner will receive a mini figure! 
heres an example:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Pink Shop

Hello all! 
a few weeks ago some of the little girls
in our church started a store called the 
Pink shop, all the money goes to
 in  Asia.
Here are a few pictures of the things we are
If you see something you might want Please leave  me a Comment @ the bottom of the post! 
 Bookmarks $1.00
Coin necklace $2.00
Pot holders $2.00
 Bracelets $1.00
 key chain $1.00 
 Note cards set of 3 $4.00
 Earrings $2.50
Baby bonnet $3.00

well that's all for now!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Dog

This Is Our Dog Ginger
we Love her very much! hope 
you enjoy the pic!!!



Hello all
we would LOVE IT if you 
would be our follower!!!! Right now we only have 3:(