Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fall Craft!

Hello Everyone,
We came across these yarn apples when looking for fall crafts and thought they were SO cute!
So I decide to make some for myself.
This is a fun Craft you can make with your siblings...Try them out!

Supplies for Yarn Apples:
  • craft yarn – red, green, or yellow (the cheap yarn will do, $2 a skein)
  • pipe cleaners (or chenille stems) – brown and green
  • piece of cardboard – 2 in x 5 in
bend my piece of cardboard in half a bit.
Take your yarn color of choice and start wrapping it around your cardboard. The more you wrap, the thicker and tighter the apple looks. When you’re done winding, then just cut your string off, letting it hang in place. It will get tucked away later.
Cut your brown piece of pipe cleaner in half and slip one through your winded up yarn.
Then twist up the end together, forming a stem for the top of the apple.
You now put the other cut half brown pipe cleaner through again and twist it up on the opposite end of the yarn, creating the round apple and looking like the little bottom end of an apple. Twist it up a ways, then cut off the pipe cleaner with scissors fairly close to the yarn and bend that end of wire in.

 add a little leaf to the apple. With a 2 inch piece of green pipe cleaner!

How To Apple Yarn Craft

Apple Craft for Kids

Photos From:http://www.makeandtakes.com/little-apple-yarn-favors

Heres the Apples I made!

Thanks for stopping by!

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